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Traditional Signwriting in Wales

Hand painted signs, designed and finished using skills which have all but died out, are enjoying something of a renaissance. Traditional hand painted signs always work aesthetically with their surroundings. In many British towns where high streets have retained their historical buildings and character, the introduction of computer generated signs manufactured from plastics and vinyls has had a hugely detrimental impact. This epidemic started in the early 1980s and continues today.

Fortunately, our National Heritage is slowly being rescued by the introduction of local heritage and re-generation schemes. These schemes encourage and re-educate traders and businesses to think about the environment in which they are situated and to make informed decisions about the kind of advertising and promotional material they display.

Far from being restricted by the design capabilities of computer software, traditional hand painted signs have no design limitations. In the hands of a fully trained and skilled craftsman, a signwriting brush will create a unique and imaginative sign in perfect harmony with the building and trade or business it promotes. Colours can be mixed and blended, outlines and shadows can be added.

From the simplicity and dignity of a solicitor's office to the colour and boldness of a fairground (and everything in between), it's time to put the tradition back into Britain's towns and cities.

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